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Eagle Migration

Eagles have very complex migratory patterns, and not all eagles migrate. Eagles can average speeds of 30 miles per hour, and while migrating ride columns of elevating air called thermals. Bald Eagles will fly south when lakes and streams freeze over to find open fresh water.

New born Eagles will migrate before their parents and know instinctively where to travel, although some will wander in a wide range in their formative years.

Adult Bald Eagles will usually migrate to the coast or large rivers near dams, where there's is open water. Wind currents determine their flight pattern. Some eagles are migratory and some prefer to stay in the same location, for instance eagles that live in Florida will not migrate, and will remain there year round. After migration Eagles that flew south will return to the north once again to nest.

Eagel MigrationBald eagles tend to migrate in groups of about twenty to thirty miles long, with birds spread out about a half mile apart. While we do know that wind currents tend to play a pretty large role in determining their flight pattern it is baffling and complex.

For example young eagles migrate before their parents and it’s hard to say how they know how to achieve this migration while being so young. Could it be instinct? Most bald eagles follow the food so to speak and often head out near the open water.

These bold travelers fly in sunlight and are able to go long distances because of thermals which allow these bald eagles conserve energy and soar using less wing –flapping. 

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